Preferred Growing Conditions of Cestrum Nocturnum

The preferred growing conditions of cestrum nocturnum are ideally in USDA zones 9 and above, or equivalent wherever you are in the world.

Tolerate only a slight Degree of Frost

This means that they can tolerate frost in the winter, but only a mild frost. Once established, they have been known to survive temperatures as low as -10C/14F, but at this low temperature the whole plant will be killed right back to ground level. They are quick growers and should recover in the spring.

However, you may find that young or immature plants are not so lucky, so some form of protection should be offered if you face an unusually cold night – perhaps plastic bubble wrap right round the base of the plant, else cardboard or any other material that should offer your cestrum nocturnum some protection.

Cestrum nocturnum love the sun and plenty of it, and some protection from cold or strong winds which will damage their leaves.

Soil pH and Watering Needs

They tolerate both slightly acidic or alkaline soils, and only require copious amounts of water when immature, as once they are established, they have an extensive root system to search out a water supply.

Insect Tolerance

Cestrum nocturnum are not generally affected by any insects.

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