Propagating Cestrum Nocturnum

Propagating cestrum nocturnum is not difficult.

Quite often, cuttings of cestrum nocturnum will root if simply placed in a glass of water. Ideally, for this you want to snip off a longish branch from the parent shrub – perhaps up to 18″ long – and place in a container of water in a sunny or bright situation.

Roots take some time to form, so change the water often.

It is nice if you cut off a flowering branch, because then you can enjoy the perfume of the flowers indoors during the evening while you await the roots forming.

Cestrum nocturnum tends to throw out roots eventually whether or not the cutting is young (this years growth) or woody (last year’s growth).

If you prefer, you can take a much shorter cutting and place in compost filled pot. Water well and seal inside a plastic bag, and keep in a light and warm position until you see signs of new growth.

Remove from bag, water well and place pot on a saucer or other container to catch the drips. Pot on when you see signs of the roots appearing through the bottom of the pot.

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4 Responses to Propagating Cestrum Nocturnum

  1. Ted Swift says:

    I planted a nightblooming jasmine in Rio Verde, AZ in June. The extreme heat appears to have wilted it. Leaves dropped and branches are brown. Any chance the well-watered root will survive and begin new growth this fall?

    • Izzym999 says:

      You can try, but don’t let it sit in water, it’ll hate that. Good luck whatever happens. In very hot climates, cestrum nocturnum does need extra water and partial shade. All newly planted plant need ever water for the first few weeks or months, no matter what the climate, and I fear your didn’t get that. This is to allow their roots to spread out into the surrounding soil, after which you can give them less water because their roots will have grown and found their own underground supply og both nutrients and water droplets.

  2. stefano says:

    I have Cestrum nocturnum (sometimes known as Night Blooming Jasmine) that is blooming and smells so good. Keeps blooming.I grew it from seeds someone sent me a couple of years ago. A few weeks ago I tried to pollinate it with a tooth pick but nothing happened. Do not think here in the north east there is a moth (most likely pollinator I think) that would pollinate it. Or is it self pollinating? How do you get seeds from it? I tried to propagate it by cuttings in water but nothing… any tips for propagation? thanks!
    can you send me a reply via email?

    • Izzym999 says:

      Try taking semi-ripe cuttings, or cuttings that have just finished flowering. Remove the flowers because you want the plant to put its energy into rooting. Either use water, and remember to freshen the water every other day, or put the cutting into a half sand/half-compost mix in a pot inside a sealed plastic bag. If trying to root in water, it takes ages to root but it should eventually.

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